Downsizing the Right Way

The resource discusses the process of downsizing your home, highlighting that it involves more than just addressing storage concerns—it entails a potential shift in your entire lifestyle. Maintaining a large home often leads to substantial upkeep and the accumulation of unnecessary possessions to fill the excess space.

To ensure honesty in your downsizing journey, the resource emphasizes the importance of conducting a thorough inventory of all your belongings. This inventory should be narrowed down to only those items that are truly necessary, providing a clearer understanding of the extent of excess belongings you possess.

The resource encourages thoughtful planning and introspection, suggesting that relinquishing some of the additional space and square footage can yield significant gains in other, more crucial aspects of your life. If you are considering downsizing, this guide aims to provide insights and strategies for a successful transition.


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Downsizing 101 from Oncourse Home Solutions, a provider of home heating protection plans