Bunk Bed For Your Kids

Is Bunk Bed for Your Kids a Good Idea

Kids love to play all the time, even in bed. Therefore, you must make sure that the bed for your kid is safe, comfortable, and a fun place to be on. You may choose to have kids bunk beds, which are fun and come in different patterns and colors.

These bunk beds are funkier than traditional beds and look cooler than them. Also, it is a perfect option for parents to choose these beds if there is a shortage of space and economic constraints.

However, before you finalize, here are a few facts about kids bunk beds to know to make the right decision.

So, before investing in one, weigh the pros and cons to make a wise decision.

Benefits of Kids Bunk Beds

There are some strong reasons to choose this cute furniture over and above the bunk bed price, which is quite economical compared to two regular beds.

  • Compact design: The compact design of the bunk beds makes it a fun space and consumes less space than two regular beds. The vertical structure will offer you more space to include other furniture without cluttering the space.
  • Multifunctional: Depending on the design and the bunk bed price, you may have multifunctional bunk beds with trundle drawers, mini cabinets that are kids bunk beds with storage to offer more storage space for books, toys, and clothes.
  • Privacy: Even if it is shared, the kids’ bunk beds offer a cute little private space for each child to develop a habit of independent sleeping.

The Downsides

There are also a few specific downsides of the kids bunk beds that you ought to know before investing.

  • Safety: The top bunk may be too close to the ceiling, the light, or the fan, increasing the risk of injuries.
  • Access: It might be challenging for a small kid to access the top bunk or for the mother to tuck in the child without using a step stool.

Climbing up and down the ladder may also pose some injury concerns, mainly when a tired or sleepy kid uses it.

Options to Choose

Since you will be spoilt for choice looking at the various designs of the kids bunk beds, you must know how exactly you can make the right choice.

  • Consider the age: The age of your child will influence your choice. For young kids, a small bunk bed with side rails is a good option, while teenagers may have larger beds with sleeker designs.
  • The height: Choose the height of the bed according to the height of the ceiling. It should not be too close. However, for taller kids, you will need bunk beds that are tall.
  • The material: The structure of the bunk bed must be made from durable materials, such as wood or iron. Also, the actual bed must be comfortable. Consider using Smartsters kids mattress.

The Placement

It is essential to place the kids’ bunk beds in the right spot. It should avoid ceiling and ceiling fans, light fixtures, and windows. The child should be able to sit comfortably at the top bunk without the head hitting the ceiling.

Safety Tips

To ensure the safety of your kid, there are lots to take care of apart from the soft mattress and the cute pillows.

First of all, the guardrails should be on both sides of the kids bunk beds and should preferably extend at least five inches above the mattress. The gaps in these guard rails should not be more than three-and-a-half inches.

Secondly, after assembling the bed, check for cracks or loose-fitting parts that may cause an accident.

Finally, check the foundation and its strength before laying the mattresses on the bed. Remember, there will be two mattresses with some cute pillows. So, ensure that the foundation is not rickety or unstable so it wobbles and may even fall when your kids are on the beds.

Also, ensure that the size of the mattress and the foundation matches perfectly so that it does not roll off or get stuck.

Make a Strict Rule

Finally, having a ‘code of conduct’ may also ensure the safety of your kid on the bunk beds.

Make sure that they do not play on the bunk bed. These beds are quite sturdy but are not designed to play or jump up and down on them.

Do not use or let use the bunk bed as a closet and hang scarves, belts, jump ropes, and other stuff on it. These pose a significant safety hazard for the kids and increase the odds of injuries.

Do not allow your kids to sleep in the dark. Ensure there is a suitable night lamp on. This will enable the child to see the ladder while descending at night and prevent missing it and falling with a thud.

Double decker beds for kids are pretty good for kids, provided they are sturdy and you and your kids follow the safety rules while using them. These beds offer great value for money and space.

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