Top 5 Characteristics and Features of a Sarasota Luxury Home

Sarasota is popular for its exquisite homes that redefine living standards through luxurious features. However, the desired features can vary from one person to another. While some people would like to walk out the back door and get on the golf course, others might want a waterfront home with scenic beach views. If you are in the market for a Sarasota luxury home, here are some features of Luxury properties in Sarasota.

Amazing Views

Whether it’s gulf sunsets, the bay, or downtown Sarasota, breathtaking views are a must in a luxury home. Many Sarasota residential homes provide amazing views, including floor-to-ceiling impact glass windows for endless views and natural sunlight. Luxury homes with incredible views offer a sense of wonder and escape from everyday hustle and bustle.

Backyard Oasis

Sarasota enjoys a fantastic year-round climate and scenic surroundings. This makes it a perfect place for homeowners to have their sanctuary in the privacy of their backgrounds. These backyard oases often include a soothing spa, a swimming pool, luxurious lounging areas, and lush gardens. Whether you are having dinner while watching the sunset, relaxing as you read a book, or hosting your friends, a backyard oasis is an extension of the home, perfectly blending outdoor and indoor living. This highly sought-after luxury feature enables homeowners to enjoy the tranquil Sarasota lifestyle.

Beachfront Home and Private Boat Dock

A beachfront home is seen as the embodiment of luxury in Sarasota. The beach is an extension of your backyard, where you can relax, bask, and unwind in the stunning beauty of the Gulf of Mexico anytime you feel like it. Having a private boat dock is also a luxury feature in Sarasota, with the city’s prime location situated along several inland waterways and the Gulf of Mexico. A private dock is a great feature for boating enthusiasts, allowing them to enjoy fishing expeditions, leisurely cruises, and water sports just from their background. The appeal of waterfront properties is undeniable, with luxury homebuyers seeking the supreme lifestyle with convenient access to the beach and private boat dock.

Vast Home Lands

The demand for vast and expansive homes has increased in the tremendously growing luxury Sarasota real estate market. As Sarasota experiences unparalleled growth, homes with expansive lands are becoming scarce, adding appeal to luxury properties. The appeal of expansive homelands is in their abundant space, allowing homeowners to design their surroundings to their unique preferences, such as ample privacy, spacious outdoor entertaining areas, or extensive gardens.

Wine Cellar

For wine enthusiasts, a wine cellar is a great luxury feature to look for when finding a luxury home in Sarasota. A house with a wine cellar, often decked with glass walls and exotic woods, provides a stand-out space to store and showcase your vintage wine collections. A wine cellar is also a private sanctuary for wine tastings and entertainment, creating an immersive, fun experience.

Find A Sarasota Luxury Home with Roger Pettingell

From amazing water views and beachfront homes to expansive lots, luxury homes enhance the lifestyle and improve your homeownership experience. If you are interested in homes for sale in Sarasota, Roger Pettingell can help. He is an experienced real estate agent equipped to provide valuable insights into the Sarasota housing market, including pricing trends, highly sought-after amenities, and available luxury homes. Contact Roger Pettingell today to help you find your dream home in Sarasota.