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Real Estate Expertise at Your Fingertips: 5 Key Considerations

As the Atlanta, GA, property market grows around the metropolitan area, Buckhead remains one of the most desirable downtown locations to buy a house. However, with the rising home prices, buyers naturally want to be more picky to ensure they get the best value while checking off all the items on their wish lists. Here is when having an experienced real estate agent on your side comes in handy. If you want to buy a house in Buckhead, here are some pointers to help you find the best real estate agent.

Find an Agent Who Lives in the Area

Your first question to any Buckhead real estate agent should be, “Are you a local in the Buckhead area?”

Your best candidate should be one who has spent a lot of time in Buckhead, whether as a long-term or native Atlanta resident. While experience is important, nothing beats firsthand knowledge of local areas, particularly in a city as diverse as Atlanta. 

A “local” agent will have unparalleled insight into Buckhead’s finest neighborhoods, and values down to the street level.

Find an Agent Who Is Experienced in the Atlanta Housing Market

Partnering with a “local” agent is only one part of the equation; experience is another. You want a Buckhead real estate agent who understands not only the neighborhoods but also the housing market.

Your realtor should be able to assess market trends and identify the best deals at any moment, so you can determine whether a Buckhead property is genuinely worth the asking price. This experience can help you save thousands of dollars and get more value for your money.

Find a Great Communicator and Responsive Agent

Find a Great Communicator and Responsive Agent

Choosing an agent that is responsive and shares your communication style is important. This compatibility helps eliminate breakdowns or delays in communication during the engagement period.

In this digital age, many channels, including phone calls, WhatsApp, email, or text, can make communication incredibly efficient. For this reason, ensure that you and your agent agree on the best and most convenient means of communication.

Find an Agent who Can Work Around your Schedule

Based on your needs and desired degree of flexibility, you can choose the kind of agent you want to partner with. Various agents have varying working hours, and whether they work full-time or part-time can provide insight into their level of involvement in the real estate market and job experience.

If you want someone who can work around your schedule, Buckhead GA real estate experts The Katie McGuirk Team are your best bet because they are more flexible and accommodating.

Find a Good Negotiator

Negotiating is a skill that every top real estate agent should possess. Find an agent with a history of representing their client’s best interests. 

With the housing market in Buckhead being as competitive as it is, and home values rising, a qualified realtor can easily spot areas where smart bargaining with the seller might earn you a better value.

Find Homes for Sale in Buckhead with the Katie & Kelly Team

If buying a home in Buckhead is your dream, contact the Katie & Kelly Team with any questions or to begin your search! As long-term real estate agents in the Buckhead market, Katie & Kelly have a deep understanding of the market, and access to a wide range of listings. The real estate experts can make suggestions based on your unique criteria to help you find that one-of-a-kind property. Arrange a consultation today to get started.